PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK

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PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK — Pada artikel terbaru yang akan saya berikan kepada sobat sekalian yang tentunya sesuai judul Kami diatas. Kali ini iBerita Unik akan mencoba berikan info atau artikel mengenai PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK yang nantinya dapat dilihat langsung info lengkapnya tentunya dibawah ini, Silahkan disimak dan baca ya

Tree Men Games has released Pako – Car Chase Simulator for Android, the game lets player outrun the cops and avoid obstacles as long as possible before the inevitable crash. Head into Google play to download or pick .apk file here so you can transfer and install it easily on your Android phone and tablet.

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator is one of the best quick-play reflex games out there, its about reflexes, speed and agility. You drive your car and you have to escape the cops for as long as you can, and when you crash into something, the game ends.

A great game with a great soundtrack by DKSTR. So glad it’s finally out for Android. Just like on iOS and Windows Phone, the game comes with simple yet addictive gameplay, coupled with fun retro visuals and a compelling soundtrack make for great laughs and an unstoppable urge to play it.

If you ever play Chicago 90, this game will remind you of it. The game is fun, looks great and has great music. Pako has cool graphics, its carry an isometric look with a bit of cel shading thrown into the mix. Requires repetition to master, so its like an arcade, including the frustration, except it doesn’t eat your coins.

Here’s a look at what’s you get in PAKO – Car Chase Simulator:
– Adrenaline pumping six song soundtrack by DKSTR
– Online high score lists for each map and a combined high score of all maps
– Five different vehicles in five different locations: the Mall, Suburbia, Cemetery, Highway and Square
– Achievements for all locations
– Quick retry, no waiting
– Super secret achievements
– Post your high score to Facebook and Twitter

Requires Android: (2.3+) Gingerbread
Download File: 47MB (PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK)

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK

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Nah Kira kira Itulah tadi telah kita saksikan artikel mengenai PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK yang telah Iberita Unik berikan untuk sobat sekalian. dan tidak lupa saya ucapkan banyak terimakasih kepada sumber artikel. Sekian dan terimakasih !!

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